We offer a wide range of services for both residential and commercial clients.  If you have a specific problem with
an existing pond, we carry a wide variety of products for almost every imaginable application, as well as advice
(like it or not) on the hobby.   

If the only thing you want is advice, that's fine.  Give me a call at 309-310-5098 or write me at  The only thing I ask is if you decide to actually FOLLOW my advice, and get whatever
product you need to get to solve your problem, you get that product through us if you can.  (Which, of course,
you can!)  You're kind of on the honor system here.  It takes time to figure out what is causing a problem and then
try to figure out how to solve it, so the only way we get paid for our time, when all you want is advice, is if you
purchase products through us.  We do our best to keep our prices competitive and we treat all of our clients the
way we would want to be treated.

There is a great deal of satisfaction one can get from building something from nothing, and many of our clients are
eager to do the dirty, back breaking work themselves, but need a little professional insight on how (and often why)
to do things so it turns out right.  If you would like to install it yourself, but want a professionals opinion on the
best way to do it, we do that too.  The way it works is I come to your house and work with you during crucial parts
of the construction (i.e., digging the pond, setting the filter box, installing the skimmer and plumbing, etc.), then
I give you a homework assignment to complete before I come back to show you how to do the next step (i.e.,
setting the liner, installing the rock boarder, building the waterfall).  You can take a day or a week to complete
your assignment, and I will come back when you are ready for me.  (Please understand that we can not guarantee
the performance or durability of any products not purchased through us.)
Any pond that we design, we can install.  Any pond we install comes with a 1 year service agreement.  We not only strive to
install COMPLETE systems, if something should go wrong, we'll come back and fix it.  That means once it's done, you don't have
to purchase anything else to make it work properly, like filter media, an aerator, or even a pond thermometer.  It is a personal
pet peave of mine to have something done and then be told, "Oh by the way, you should probably have one of these".  
Everything you are getting is written out and approved by you prior to any dirt being moved.  We take care of everything, from
having the site marked for utilities to showing you how to add your fish and plants.  The only thing you need to do is provide an
electrical outlet and water, and we will turn the completed pond over to you, ready to plug in and enjoy.  We treat your pond
water so it will be ready for fish the very day it has water in it and will even show you how to maintain the system!

Once your pond is installed, we can maintain it for you if you don't want to do it yourself.  Our ponds are extremely low
maintenance, but if you have an aversion to fish poo or getting into your pond to remove spent foliage, we can do it for you.  
We will custom tailor a Maintenance Agreement to meet your specific needs, depending on the extent of work you want to do

If you have a problem that needs immediate assistance, we will be happy to make a service call.  Service calls are $65.00 for the
first hour and $25.00 per hour after that, and do not include any materials that may be necessary to fix whatever problem you
are experiencing.  Currently we are servicing McLean, DeWitt and Livingston Counties.
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So in the end, you do most of the tedious, backbreaking work yourself, save yourself a lot of $$$, and can say that you did it
yourself.  Our goal is to make this a positive experience for you.  We want your pond to be successful from the start.  That
means low maintenance, clear water, and healthy fish and plants.  There are lots of different opinions out there.  What works
for one doesn't necessarily work for all.  Get it right the first time and you'll save thousands in time and changes to the system.  
Consulting fees vary depending on the amount of time we anticipate it will take us to get you rolling.
There are basically three types of water features that are out there (excluding fountains, of course).  They are:  1.  A water
garden, 2.  A pond, and 3.  A koi pond.  All are contained systems, meaning you don't have to run plumbing to them.  Once they
are filled with water, you will only top off the feature when water evaporates or when you do a water change.

    1.  A water garden is a very simple water feature.  No water movement is necessary in this system as it is designed to grow
    plants, with no fish ever being introduced into the system.  The types of plants you want to grow here and the number of
    them you want to house will help determine the size and depth of this feature.  You DO NOT need to have fish to have a
    successful water feature.  You will need to use something to detour mosquitoes from breeding in a water garden though if
    your water is stagnant.

    2.  A pond, for the sake of this discussion, houses both plants AND fish.  Once you add fish into the equation, things
    change.  You need to circulate the water, and depending on the number and type of fish you want to keep, you will need
    to filter it somehow.

    3.  A koi pond is a pond that is designed specifically for the needs of these exquisite fish.  A koi pond is not designed to
    house plants of any kind, just great, big, beautiful koi.  As these fish can get upwards to 20 pounds a piece, special
    considerations need to be taken to keep the water quality optimal for their health, growth and color.

We can design any of these for you, but most of our work concentrates somewhere between a pond and a koi pond.

All of our pond kits are designed utilizing EasyPro components.  I have personally researched (and at times had to work with)
countless other lines of pond kit components, and EasyPro products are by far superior in their design and construction.  
EasyPro is a subsidiary company of Stoney Creek Fisheries, which has a long and successful history working in the fisheries
industry, so they understand the needs associated with keeping large quantities of healthy fish in a confined environment
through practical application, instead of basing their product designs on antiquated ideas.  EasyPro products are also
manufactured here in the United States.